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Activity toys are toys specifically designed to engage babies, toddlers, and young children. Activity toys come in a range of shapes, sizes, and types, designed to engage a child’s sense of touch, sight, and sound. For babies aged 0-12 months, These toys can include activity mats, activity cubes, or activity centers — any toy that is safe for a baby to manipulate and explore their environment. When babies reach the age of 1 year old they have more control over their bodies and the toys used must reflect this changing ability – push-along vehicles, shape-sorters, and construction sets are ideal for motor skill development at this stage. As children grow to 2 years old activity toys become more diverse. Puzzles, art & craft supplies, and blocks that allow a child to transform ideas into three-dimensional forms give rise to imaginative play in children as young as two! Activity toys for babies thus play an important role in facilitating a child’s physical and psychological development.
Here is a list of our some Hot selling toys you can have for your babies

Arcade1Up – Pac-Man Partycades 2-In-1 Game Table

Arcade1Up Pong Pub Table 4 Player

Backyard Discovery – Scenic Heights Playhouse

Bestway H2OGo! Water Park

Feber Play & Fold Light Desk 4In1 Playhouse

Kidkraft – Meadowlane Market Playhouse

Kidkraft Dahlia Mansion Dollhouse

Mini Panda – Big Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse

Benefits of Shopping for Toys Online

Shopping for baby toys online in the UAE is an efficient and convenient way to access a vast selection of specialty Activity toys for toddlers. Moreover, Toys shop for kids often provides a variety of deals and discounts that make affordable baby activity toys. Shopping from the comfort of your home also eliminates the hassle of traveling to a physical store – saving time and money on transportation. Toysshopforkids makes it easier for parents to make informed purchasing decisions about the quality, safety, and reliability of baby toys before they buy them.

Shopping for toys online can be a great way to save time and money. Toysshopforkids offers an extensive selection of cheap activity toys for 1 year olds and 2 year olds, ensuring you have access to the best quality toys in UAE. Furthermore, we provide eco-friendly baby toys which are designed to help children enjoy hours of playtime fun. With expertly selected toys from Toysshopforkids, your little ones can explore their creativity like never before!

How to Ensure Quality When Buying Baby Toys Online

When buying toys online, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best quality available. High-quality activity toys will not only provide hours of entertainment, but also be safer, more durable, and more likely to stimulate your child’s development. A good way to make sure you are purchasing products of superior quality is to look at online reviews and compare various brands in terms of customer satisfaction and product reliability. Another way to ensure that you get the highest quality toys is to only shop from reliable vendors in UAE with a track record of high-quality customer service. By following these tips, you can be confident that your purchase of baby toys online is both safe and high in quality so your children can enjoy them for years to come.

How to Order Baby Toys Online in UAE?

If you live in the UAE, You can Buy Activity Toys Online in Sharjah, cheap Activity Toys in Ajman, Buy Activity Toys Online in Abu Dhabi, and Buy activity toys online in Ras Al Khaimah with ease from Toysshopforkids. Unlike other retailers, you can get cheap activity toys for sale in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Our customers have enjoyed great value in our products and our incredible service. We are confident that you will enjoy the same delightful experience we provide to all of our satisfied clients. Buy the best toddler activity toys in UAE from Toysshopforkids and make sure that your baby has an incredible playing experience. Our toys are designed to develop their skills and boost their development! Get your hands on the best Activity Toys from Toysshopforkids today. Happy Shopping! Buy Quality Toys Online at Toysshopforkids for your child today!

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Arcade1Up – Pac-Man Partycades 2-In-1 Game Table

Product Dimensions: 31.12 x 28.58 x 46.99 cm Package Dimensions: 31.12 x 28.58 x 46.99 cm Weight: 8KG Shipping Weight: 8KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 12 years & above

Arcade1Up Pong Pub Table 4 Player

Recommended Age: Suitable for 15 years and above

Backyard Discovery – Scenic Heights Playhouse

Product Dimensions: 196 x 196 x 231.1 cm Package Dimensions: Box 1: 199.59 x 54.99 x 11.10 cm Box 2: 151.61 x 54.99 x 17.50 cm Box 3: 118.62 x 56.59 x 25.10 cm Weight: 111KG Shipping Weight: 115KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 5 years & above

Bestway – H2OGO Splash Course Mega Water Park

Product Dimensions: 710 x 310 x 265 cm Package Dimensions: 45 x 46 x 83 cm Weight: 29.00KG Shipping Weight: 32.00KG

Bestway H2OGo! Water Park

Product Weight: 25kg Max Total Load: 270kg Max Platform Loadt: 68kg Max Number of People: 5 Max Player Height: 152cm Box Size: 69 x 46 x 42cm Inflated Size: 3.65m x 3.2m x 2.7m

Feber Fancy House Playhouse, Multi-Colour

Features: A spacious playhouse by feber with opening doors and windows. Includes a tap and sink and a lock &

Feber Ghost Picnic Table, Multi-Colour

Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm; 9.6 Kilograms

Feber Play & Fold Light Desk 4In1 Playhouse

Product Dimensions      ‎136 x 64 x 106 cm; 10.78 Kilograms

Happyhop Crocodile Water Slide Giant Inflatable Water Slide

  • Product Dimensions: 19ft(L) x 17ft(W) x 8ft(H)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 93cm(L) x 45cm(W) x 43cm(H)
  • Shipping Weight: 34.5kg
  • Maximum Users: 6 Children
  • Maximum Weight: 136kgs
  • Age Restriction: 3+ Years
  • Maximum Height: 3ft 5"
  • Air Blower: W4E
  • Model Number: 9517

KidKraft – Adventure Town Railway Train Set & Table

Product Dimensions: 110.49 x 78.74 x 53.59 Package Dimensions: 118.11 x 48.26 x 20.96 Weight: 21.95KG Shipping Weight: 21.95KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years & above

Kidkraft – Meadowlane Market Playhouse

Product Dimensions: 183.9 x 117.09 x 150.11 cm Package Dimensions: 130.99 x 114.0 x 23.01 cm Weight: 50KG Shipping Weight: 56.01KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years and above

KidKraft Cozy Escape Playhouse

Age Range
2 years
Cedar Wood, Plastic, Hardware
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 317.3 x 213.51 x 273.99 CM