We want your kid to be safe and comfortable. Our excellent product quality makes it all easier for you. Buy your kids car seat online from Toys Shop for kids and drive safely. Plan your long car trips with your little ones without worrying about them getting tired. Our comfortable seats will keep them glued to their seats.

Make a Wise Choice:

We know the safety and comfort of your kid come first for you. Our collection is produced with care and with the prime goal of ensuring comfort. When you purchase your kid’s seat with us, we guarantee you safety. Our seat belts stay in position and keep your kid fix to their seat.

You no longer have to invest separately in a car seat and baby carrycot. Our two-in-one option is both and is also affordable. Carry your child comfortably everywhere you go with ease.

Fasten your kid’s seat belt, and they can rest their heads on our cushioned head support. Our fine quality kids car seat makes traveling for long hours with your kids easy and fun.

Buy Kids Car Seat Online:

Buy your kid’s comfort from the ease of your home. You no longer have to make runs from shop to shop to find the perfect one for your kid. Our products are not only comfortable but also ensure your kid’s safety and are wallet-friendly. We don’t sell car seats for kids, but rather we sell comfort and safety.

You can easily choose your favorite one from our extensive product list. Sit back, relax, and find the one you absolutely love. Once you find it, hurry up and add it to the cart before anyone else buys it.

With our various payment options, we give you the freedom to make the most convenient choice. As soon you place your order, we start prepping for you. We pack your product with care so that it delivers to your doorstep and spreads a smile.

Our delivery team is fast and reliable. You got nothing to worry about. Are you in UAE? We got good news for you. We deliver kids car seat in UAE. Toys shop for kids is exciting to serve you.

Keeping your Little One Safe:

For us, the safety of your kid comes first and is our prime goal. Our secure seat belt keeps your kid secure in their seats. Additionally, our car seats have a strong grip and don’t let your kid out. We offer you free safety checks because it’s important to have peace of mind for your kids, and we totally second it.

It is a legal requirement to have your kids car seat installed to have an appropriate seat. They need it until they reach 12 or are about 135 cm in height, whichever they reach faster.

Why us?

We make your kid feel comfortable and at ease. Want to know more about the functionalities of our kids car seat? Here is a list:

  • Comfortable Design

Creatively designed to keep your kid comfortable and ensure your kid doesn’t hurt their back, neck, or arms. Our padded seating makes your ride comfortable and premium.

  • Easy Installation

Simple installation process that needs low effort.

  • Washable

With our easily removable seats, you can easily wash them. We understand kids like to have fun and get their seats dirty. You can now wash them easily.

  • Light Weighted

Carry our car seats as your kid’s carrycot easily anywhere. Our car seats are designed with care to make it all easy for you.

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Babytrend – Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat – Elixer

Product Dimensions: 66.04 x 41.91 x 63.5 cm Package Dimensions: 40.64 x 74.93 x 42.54 cm Weight: 7.01KG Shipping Weight: 7.01KG Recommended Age: Suitable from 2.26-13.60kg

Babytrend – Kussen Infant Car Seat – Mystic Black

Product Dimensions: 63.50 x 41.91 x 66.04 cm Package Dimensions: 40.64 x 38.10 x 76.20 cm Weight: 4.94KG Shipping Weight: 5KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 to 36 months

Babytrend – Protect Sport Convertible Car Seat – Pandora

Product Dimensions: 86.36 x 55.88 x 45.72 cm Package Dimensions: 48.89 x 44.45 x 72.39 cm Weight: 9.89KG Shipping Weight: 12.7KG Recommended Age: Suitable up to 30kg

Babytrend – Protect Sport Convertible Car Seat – Triton

Product Dimensions: 57.15 x 58.42 x 76.2 cm Package Dimensions: 48.89 x 44.45 x 72.39 cm Weight: 9.89KG Shipping Weight: 9.89KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 6 to 36 months

Cam – Seggiolino Travel Evolution Carseat – Beige

Product Dimensions: 44.5 x 53 x 64.5cm Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 month upto 18kg Product Dimensions: 44.5 x 53 x 64.5 cm Package Dimensions: 38.5 x 34.5 x 41.5 cm Weight: 10.40KG Shipping Weight: 11.78KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 to 3 years

Chicco – AroundU I-Size Baby Car Seat 0m-4y – Pearl

Features: Isofix System with Top Tether: Thanks to the Isofix system, installation is fast, safe and easy. Front Towards the

Chicco – Fold & Go I-Size Car Seat – Ombra

Product Dimensions: 54 x 47 x 84 cm Package Dimensions: 46 x 44 x 71 cm Weight: 6.2KG Shipping Weight: 7.7KG Recommended Age: Suitable for 3-12 years

Hauck – Prosafe 35 Carseat With Base Black

Product Dimensions: 70.0 x 46.5 x 60.0 cm Weight: 4.6KG Recommended Age: For 0+ months and above

Maxi Cosi AxissFix Air Nomad Blue

Features: This innovation therefore not only offers the standard of safety, but also trumps it many times over! The AxissFix

Maxi Cosi AxissFix Air Nomad Grey

Features: This innovation therefore not only offers the standard of safety, but also trumps it many times over! The AxissFix

Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus I-Size Child Seat – Sparkling Grey

Features: It has a special A.S.B system which automatically tightens the belts so that they do not sit too loosely.

Maxi Cosi Titan Pro – Nomad Black

Features: simple conversion from group 1 to 2/3 GCell and AirProtect® advanced technology for optimum side impact protection GrowSafe headrest